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Attraktion! and Intamin present the world’s most immersive ride at IAAPA Orlando & LeisureUp at MAPIC in Cannes

Attraktion!, an innovation leader for media based attraction formats and Intamin, a world leader for amusement rides have joined forces to develop what is says is “the world’s most immersive amusement ride.” The Dome Ride Theater allows it’s guests to have a unique ride experience with an uninterrupted 360 degree view in any direction and for each guest, as visitors explore the experience in a fully media covered LED sphere.A fully rotating and tilting seating ring inside the LED sphere with 4 mm perforated pixel screens resulting in an extremely immersive total of 75 Mio. pixels. The product is based on a patent by Attraktion!

The LED sphere from Attraktion! is 17m in diameter and includes a moving floor which reveals the full spherical experience only after start of the show, adding a great surprise-effect to the ride’s experience.

The dynamic platform from Intamin can rotate up to 6 rpm and tilt 30 degrees in every direction. Furthermore, the ride features floorless seats with a full range of special effects.

The Dome Ride Theater has a wide variety of applicable locations ranging from theme parks and the like, but also is perfectly suited as a standalone attraction in tourism destinations and shopping malls as a turnkey product. This offer can include the whole infrastructure incl. queue, pre-show, post-show and merchandising area.

The first Dome Ride Theater attraction is now under construction for an undisclosed site in the Middle East.

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