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Are web forums, fan sites etc a help or hindrance to your business?

Søren Kragelund (pictured), Fårup Sommerland, Denmark: Web forums are a great help to us when we’re planning new rides and developing the park. The forums are useful because the contributors have a lot of knowledge about what’s happening at parks around the world – and a lot of them are exceptionally well informed about rides, theming and the Fårup-brand.

Normally we don’t join the conversations on the forums, but do have that that dialog on our Facebook page. Last year we asked our 59,000+ fans what we should build as the next big ride, and now we have revealed details of new coaster, Orkanen, as a result of that feedback from fans.

Kevin Stumpf, Hersheypark, USA: I don’t know if they are either a help or hindrance, but they are certainly a communication channel. And yes, we do sometimes respond to questions or certain comments that we read.

Dale Kaetzel, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, USA: We welcome bloggers and comments to talk us up at the park. It is up to our guests to separate fact from fiction!

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