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Hi-tech parks open in China

Third FantaWild Adventure planned
18 December, 2007

The Huaqiang Group, owner of Hytechnology Inc, has opened two FantaWild-branded parks in China, with a third planned for 2008.

The two existing FantaWild Adventure venues, in Chongqing and Wuhu City, offer a new concept in entertainment in tune with the tastes of young Chinese consumers.

“Before there were only traditional amusement parks,” details Hytechnology’s Mike Liu, “but this is different to anything done before in China. There are 15 themed areas using a lot of technology, but not a lot of rollercoasters. It has proved very popular here.”

FantaWild Adventure in Wuhu, which opened in October, is the larger of the two outlets, at 1.2 million square metres. The third venue will open in May at Shantou.