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Australia's largest travelling Ferris Wheel

01 May, 2007

Visitors to the Sydney Easter Show recently were the first to ride Australia’s largest travelling Ferris Wheel. The 45-metre construction has been built by Mondial of Holland and is the first to come equipped with a new style of enclosed, air-conditioned gondola.

The ride is being operated by the partnership of Clint Johnson and Glen Blades, trading as Australia Tourist Attractions. Together they hope to replicate the model of Ferris Wheel operators in Europe who have found success in placing their rides as semi-permanent tourist attractions in towns and cities.

Johnson and Blades predict they will visit around five or six places a year with their new ride, including city centres and ocean foreshore locations, as well as fairs and shows.

The wheel will is finished in cream with red gondolas and packs onto eight trailers or three semi-trailers and six containers. A sister ride is currently under construction for Harrison Leisure, who will operate it at the UK coastal resort of Bridlington.

Meanwhile, the Aussie customers of Mondial hope to continue a long and profitable relationship with the Dutch manufacturer. “We would definitely talk with them again,” Blades told Park World. “They have been very good and very helpful.”