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Unusual dark ride for Swedish park

01 January, 2007
Sally Corp animators work on figures from the new ride

Sally Corporation is busy designing and building a most unusual attraction for Astrid Lindgren Varld, Vimmerby, Sweden. Vi På Saltkråkan is a salute to the country’s favourite children’s author.

Though famous for the tales of Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren also devised a popular television series centring on a family of eccentric characters who spent their holidays on Såltkråkan (Sea Crow Island).

Sally sculptors and finish artists are bringing the show’s actors to life, as they were in the 1960s. One of the actors, however, will be seen both as the teenager she was then, and as she is today: Louise Edlind-Friberg, who played the character Malin, is now a well-known politician in addition to still being active as an actress. Visitors see her transform into the young girl they remember through a Pepper’s ghost effect.

As they travel through the scenes, visitors encounter many familiar scenarios and hear familiar lines played out against a backdrop of harbour and island locations and sounds, and even the smell of salt air.

There are 37 animatronic characters in the show plus seven animated set pieces ranging from a bobbing boat to a moving ferry effect and turntables. Scents, smoke, a rain curtain, wind and other special effects are being utilised to heighten the attraction’s sense of reality. The Mystic Mover ride vehicles, by ETF Ride Systems of the Netherlands, will be equipped with on-board audio in three languages: Swedish, German and English.

Vi På Saltkråkan will open this coming season.